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ALONG the LINE - Ausgabe 10

including translations

Roy Hessing - Photographer / Interview

Рой Хессинг - фотограф / интервью

Eugenia Shchukina - Painter / Interview

Татьяна Минакова / Tatiana Minakova - Photo project (8/10)

Roman Hoffmann - Poet

Артём Васильев / Artem Vasiliev - Painter

Kristina Khutsishvili - Discussion Series (2)

Hinweis: Ausstellung Thilo Nass

Миронов Владимир / Vladimir Mironov - MovieReviews

Valeria Erza - Dancer / writer

Ohne Promi ! - Will Ferrell

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Veröffentlicht am 08.09.2018

Thilo NassThilo Nass



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Eröffnung: So 25. November Einführung: Prof. Rolf NobelWeisse Halle / 11.30 Uhr

Ausstellung bis So 16. Dezember Öffnungszeiten: Fr/Sa 14-18 Uhr, So 12-18 Uhr

„Einen Teil dessen, was wir sehen, sehen wir nicht - wir empfinden es. Einen Teil dessen, was wir sehen, nur einen ganz kleinen Teil davon, behalten wir in unserer Erinnerung - der Rest verschwindet unter dem gewaltigen Sediment all dessen, was wir danach sehen und erleben. Ein Teil, nur ein ganz kleiner Teil von uns ist unsterblich und nur ein ganz kleiner Teil von uns Menschen ist im Stande diesen Teil von uns festzuhalten. Jemand, der so etwas kann ist Thilo Nass und er ist ein Teil meiner Reise durch den unendlichen Kosmos, der aus all denen besteht, die Ihre Sinne geschärft haben für den Teil von uns, der fürs bloße Auge nicht sichtbar ist...” - Roman Hoffman

Thilo Nass ist seit 30 Jahren fotografischer Portraitist. Seit 2015 wendet er bei seiner Arbeit wieder alte und vergessene fotografische Prozesse an. In der Ausstellung zeigt er großformatige Silbergelatine-Abzüge seiner ausdrucksstarken Portraitarbeiten auf Kollodium-Nassplatten.

Es werden auch original Glas-und Metallplatten zu sehen sein. Begleitet wird die Ausstellung mit einer Live-Demonstration der Arbeitsweise und einem Gespräch über die fotochemischen Verfahren aus den Anfängen der Fotografie.

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Veröffentlicht am 08.08.2018

If you say "I see", you probably mean "I feel".

I feel honored and touched by the immense participation in our "Along the Line - Best Cover Competition" and I am impressed by the variety and richness of the works, that participated in our competition. All works are intense, individual and often very exceptional. It is a big pleasure to thank you all for taking part in this creative come together, because my impression is, that all of you took it for serious.

I very much hope that this challenge was only the first step towards a more intense getting to know each other and probably a closer relation ship between you and us, because Along the Line is a podium, that consists of creative art works of poetrists, who enjoy to take part in our magazine. We are happy to invite everyone, who wants to share his world with us and who wants to create together with us a podium where the art of inner expression feels at home. But now we congratulate the winner of this contest and we are amazed by the clear sympathy, that the image of Евгения Щукина has received by the voters.

Dear Eugenia Shchukina, thank you for your intensive work. It is an outstanding and inspiring piece of art and it will be the cover work of the next Along the Line magazine, coming out on August 8th We also want to thank Artnagrada and Citycelebrity for the professional support of our competition.


Roman Hoffmann


My name is Eugenia Shchukina. 

I live and work in Moscow, Russia.

Graduated from Smolensk State University with a degree in Fine Art. During the university period, I was fascinated by human portraits. Trying to print energy and soul on canvas, it became my favorite thing I've been doing the last 10 years.

I was always a stubborn person and could sit for hours at the most painstaking work.

At the same time, I always had high demands on the quality of what I do.

In the kindergarten, I asked my father to draw a girl for me, my father wrote, I did not like drawing, I got angry and repainted the painting until it was beautiful. Discontent, perseverance and now help me develop willpower, technical skills and excel in my business. Negative emotions are an excellent driving force when properly applied.

Now i’m experimenting with different colors and techniques. The most portraits are made with pastel on the paper and are on private collections around Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Italy and the USA.


Eyes have always been a central element of my work.

Feelings, thoughts, emotions - all energy is concentrated in them!

In life, people often look away. My work - the opportunity to see the soul of the person depicted and the way to openly see the pictures of my viewer.


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